Bobblehead Bunny
welcome to my website!! ^_^

September 1st, 2023 (2:00am)

i start classes again "tomorrow" or technically today, i just haven't slept yet. i'm nervous, but mostly excited. i'm smoking weed and i hope that will help me sleep. usually i struggle to sleep the night before something big like this. i'm listening to ecco2k, too.. ^_^ yay

off topic, but i'm a little bit embarrassed to exist. i've never heard anyone else talk about this, but i feel like my prescence is just somehow really humiliating..? like, who am i to be in this room right now, being percieved by others? everything about myself and the fact i take up space is just really embarrassing. i'm nervous to be percieved in class tomorrow 0_0

mreeeoooooowww :3