yume nikki

this is one of my favorite rpgmaker games ever created. something about it really resonated with me ever since i first opened it. the first time i ever played yume nikki was a shitty github version on my school laptop. it crashed often, and none of the events worked. a lot of the worlds didn't work as well. i don't remember how i stumbled across it, or why i didn't just install it for free on steam. i had fun nonetheless, exploring what i could of the game!

in yume nikki, you play as a girl named madotsuki, translating to "windowed". there are very few things to do in the room you load the game into. you can play a little minigame on your game system, write in your dream diary (to save the game), go to sleep, or try the door. when you attempt to use the door leading outside of her room, madotsuki will only shake her head. she doesn't seem to want to leave. the game only really 'starts' when you go to sleep.